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BYOB | Munich

BYOB, an acronym for Bring Your Own Beamer, is a series of one-night exhibitions.

BYOB has already taken place in different cities throughout Europe and the US and has been curated by different people all over the world. Artists are invited to bring their own “beamers” and explore the medium of projection, helping this way making a big exhibition with zero budget. BYOB aims to bring together local and international artists, to explore the medium of projection and its different forms of expression and to create new dialogues.

Munich, 30.04.2011

Participating artists:

Christoph Brech - Kentaro Yamada - Claudia Larcher

Johannes Evers - Cristiano Luciani - Sebastian Pöllmann

Susanne Wagner - Hyo Myoung Kim - Patrick Topitschnig

Daniel Permanetter - Claudia Grassl - Victor Hausladen